Pandali Intelligent Editor
Version 1.1
Type less. Code more.

C/C++ editor with context-based autocompletion reduces the amount of typing you need to do.

  • Look-Ahead

    The editor can execute completions multiple times. Write an entire line of code in just a few keystrokes.
  • Smart File Open

    Mistyped the file name? No problem! Also includes header flipping, find-in-files, support for launching an external compiler.


  • Header flipping - allows you to switch between .cpp and .h files quickly
  • Find-in-files - also includes command-line utility for quick find-in-files
  • Automatic real-time file updates, or "tail" mode
  • Context-based "intelligence" helps the editor guess ahead and write the code for you using auto-complete.
  • Look-ahead completion offers more choices after the first completion.
  • Intelligent file open tries to find the file you are looking for, even if you mistype the name or specify the wrong directory!
  • Can launch a compiler (not included) and go to next error from the editor via the compile extension, source code included.
  • Extensibility - the Intelligent Editor allows you to add your own features to itself.
  • Key mappings - specify your own keyboard shortcuts for editor features.
  • The usual standard C/C++ editing features: color-coding, automatic indentation, search & replace...
  • Autocompletion is not limited to C/C++ syntax, so the editor can also function as a C#, Java, VB, Perl, ASP, Python, Ruby, HTML, XML, or JavaScript editor.


Screenshot - code completion
Figure 1: The intelligence feature using code completion attempts to predict what comes next, even if it's a symbol you haven't defined yet.

Screenshot - intelligent file open
Figure 2: Intelligent file open tries to determine the desired file, even if mistyped or with the wrong directory specified.

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