Other Projects

Here are some other projects from Pandali:

  • Your Coconut (alpha)

    This is a website to help you organize the information for a family gathering, mini-reunion, or similar event. Here you can post information about your reunion or gathering, including events & activities, lodging information, and flights. You can also send invitations by email to your guests, who can also contribute to and edit the information if you choose.

  • Knowledge Mouse (beta)

    Currently under development, a website to help make learning more fun. Learn without trying! Right now with Knowledge Mouse, we have a free word search puzzle maker. You can create word search / word find puzzles, choosing words from pre-defined lists or entering your own. You can then print out the puzzles. Also allows you to use a "question-and-answer" format, where you first need to answer the question, and then find the answer in the puzzle. Other features include printable flash card and quiz creators, and the new math quiz generator, allowing you to make printable math tests with randomly-generated numbers using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Great for practicing those multiplication tables!

  • Crowfrog (alpha)

    Crowfrog is an experimental microblogging/miniblogging platform, allowing you to share rich-text messages with the world. Each message can be up to 1000 characters. You can also simply put updates on your own website, and then use simple markup to allow them to be read by Crowfrog.

  • YLocale

    YLocale is the next evolution of the Yellow Pages. It allows full-color, searchable ads along with text entries. Now local businesses can communicate the way they want to the customers that are looking for them. For example, you can see the rich information if you search for cleaning services around New Castle, DE. And now YLocale features reviews and listings from multiple sources such as in this list of towing companies in New York. Also, find which restaurants are open for Christmas and Thanksgiving - now for Daytona Beach and Buffalo, NY.

  • Gas Density Simulator Android App

    This app for Android phones and tablets simulates the movement of gas molecules in a balloon and the surrounding air. It attempts to answer the question of why a balloon of lower-density gas rises. You can tilt the device to control gravity, and you can choose the density of the gas in the balloon.

  • Introducing 3d Ville - a 3d world where you can upload your own images and shape your own yard...